Video Marketing in Chicago

For anyone based in the Windy City, getting your business or firm noticed can be tough. Chicago is a city of creatives and doers, so you have a fair amount of competition to work through. At BUSINESS, though, we make sure you can have all the help that you need to get the lights, cameras, and action shining down on your business as soon as is possible. Through our video marketing in Chicago, we can help to produce a much more professional advertising experience for your business.
How can we help you with Chicago video marketing?
So, the main way that we do this is quite simple: we tailor the whole experience to suit your target audience. For example, you might be looking to target social media addicted millennials. Your target audience, though, could also be those entering their golden period of life.
Whatever the aim is, we make sure that your business is marketed in a manner that ensures it’s seen by your target audience. How they consume their advertising, and what kind of advertising makes an impact upon them, is always subjective. To help you out with that, we provide you with a video marketing system that is tailored to its audience.
We make sure you are marketed to help capture as many potential clients as is possible. Whether that comes through pushing you on social media, creating various shareable content to put online, or utilising traditional paid marketing methods, we apply the whole system to what works for you.
Put simply, we don’t waste time and we don’t cut corners. Our aims are simple: to create high quality video marketing solutions that suit your audience. We help to find your ideal client in their ‘natural habitat’ and ensure that your business speaks to their problems whilst offering viable solutions.
Video marketing for Chicago
Of course, video marketing can be used for any industry. By using video marketing, we can help to make sure that your business stands out from the rest of your competition. We sell your key points, we humanise those who are involved in your business, and we give your business a crucial face where previously none existed.
Video marketing is a great way to ensure that your business feels like more than just another logo. We help people to know who you are, what problems you can help with, and what solutions you have up your sleeve. The end result? A video marketing experience that is much more tailored to your ideal client.
If your business needs some help in getting noticed, then we can help to give you that boost in profile that you require. We’ve already helped other Chicago businesses use the power of video production to stand out from their competition and their neighbours. If that sounds like a good place for you to start, then contact us today.
We can take a look, evaluate your options, and create a quality video production in Chicago for your business. Video production is excellent for selling your business and brand, so let us help you stand out from the crowd starting today.

Engagement is the game

Do you listen to Entrepreneur on Fire? Chances are if you’re on my site you’re an entrepreneur so I just dropped an awesome resource on you if you’ve never heard it.  He’s up to 2000 shows but he just interviews entrepreneurs and business owners.  It’s a great way to hear how other business owners are going about their day/business.  He has great energy (because he clearly loves his life) and it’s contagious.

I just came across this episode on spotify/or you can look on his page for more resources but the 1st part talked about social media numbers vs engagement.

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5 Brain Tricks to make customers buy

The way to think about engagement is any comment on your page or a message is a current or potential customer literally reaching out to you for a connection.  The way you’ll resonate in their mind is if you DON’T respond to their messages (good or bad).  However, if you do respond in a genuine way you’ll build a fan and they will be more likely to recommend your business or service to someone in need of your business or service.

This is especially important if you want your business to grow, you need to make sure you’re responding to not only every social media comment but every EMAIL or every Voice Message/Phone call you get from customers!  They’re reaching out to you and giving you the literal opportunity to prove why they should keep or use your business or service.

Happy Engagement!

Chicago Love Note – day time

This was a video filmed and edited by Michael Rataj on a trip downtown to Chicago.  It’s added to the homepage so it’s the first thing you see when you visit the site, but I wanted to make sure it gets seen via a blog! 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  It’s been a project that’s been kicking around my head for quite a while and the time to do it presented itself recently.  There are a few more ideas to finish the whole project, but this is a start.

Music was by Check out HAKOBO :
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Physical and online stores (The Library: GO!)

My love with the library tends to be an on again off again one.  I go with my son, but as a devoted student it’s been a while since I’ve devoted myself to regularly going.  You don’t know what you have til it’s gone, and the library is definitely one of those things for me that once I get back into the swing of it I can’t believe it’s been so long since I browsed the shelves.

And this is the one thing that scares me about ‘print dying’.  It is nice to have everything you could possibly want at your fingertips, but, it’s also another truly amazing thing to have a lot of things at your finger tips.

Whenever I leave the library I’m carrying out a minimum of 3 books on subjects I’m somewhat interested in and may or may not read, but, for the 4 renewal cycles where they sit asking to be browsed, I’m constantly reminded of them.

The act of going and browsing for just 15 minutes usually yields that amount of books.  I’ll try to pick up a couple visual books to quickly flip through, maybe read random pages, but just ingesting the visual information allows me to pick up something new. Heck picking up art books has allowed me to hunt the artist on wikipedia and download all their public domain images, just from a 5 minute browse.

Which can tie into marketing.  Most companies are online, and that’s good.  It’s cheaper, it’s easier to stay there because there’s a store that’s always open and basically always staffed.  However what about that physical presence? Stores of the past are reminders of how excessive we could get, wandering through a best buy with so much open space now used for showrooming (basically, you go in there to check out a TV then you buy online).  CD racks with next to no music and hardly any movies, except for some collections and other big budget stuff.

But, you can browse.  You can see what’s out there, look, touch and emotionally get more invested.

It’s taken some time, but some stores are finally starting to treat their brick and mortar locations AS shipping centers.  Amazon has moved from exclusively online to open cashierless shops, and recently acquiring Whole Foods to basically have all the real estate they setup, use it as testing grounds and use it for Amazon Fresh, a place to store produce or buy it and ship it from the store.

Can you do that?  Maybe not to the scale of Amazon, but is there a small physical location you can have so your most devoted customers can come in and look at your products?  Even our small gallery in the Andersonville Galleria has been a nice anchor, with people who know us from online visiting the store and sending me selfies of them in front of the work.

It’s a nice addition, and if you can partner with someone or it doesn’t cost you too much, it might be nice to add a physical location.

Or, if you do have a physical location, when was the last time you upgraded it?  How about your website?  It’s easy to put your head in the sand to keep an out dated website and physical location, but consider new ways to look at both.  If it’s been a while look at rearranging your store, removing stuff that doesn’t sell and adding more products people are interested in.

What’s your biggest profit margin pieces?  Maybe focus on those for your webstore and keep the smaller products people can buy at Amazon off of your site, as they’re more of a nuisance and not really worth it for.  Or to look at them differently, can they be only add ons for the bigger profit pieces? Or, if they’re combined with 4 other similar but different things can you sell a package? Ie, if you’re an art store instead of selling 1 eraser sell an eraser with a pencil sharpener with pencils and a sketch pad?  As is business, the successful business person doesn’t grow roots into what made their business to begin with, they see what’s successful then pivot accordingly to what the current market is asking for.

Sure it’s difficult and more time consuming to keep track of an online and physical inventory, but it’s definitely worth it.  You don’t know exactly where your customers are so it makes sense to be where they’ll see you.  Get an idea as to what they’re buying and offer more of it.

Those bigger profit margin pieces?  We can help with a marketing strategy for those.  If you’re the expert we can help curate and design content to go in line with the material so you can be the online expert for those products or services.

To use the cliched apple analogy, you have to ‘think different’.  Sometimes it’s difficult to get a new perspective on a business we’ve been in for 20 years, but it’s definitely worth it to try.

If it takes a 30 min phone call with us to bring out new ideas, it could be worth it if it helps you find a new direction in your business.  Get in touch with us so we can start looking at new ways to transform your business.

(header Photo by Tamás Mészáros from Pexels)