One of THE most asked questions about what we do is if we take that box of photos in someone’s attic or basement filled with VHS and/or old photos and scan them.

The resounding answer is YES!

Another common question is do you transfer the WHOLE tape or just portions? And for better or worse that question is yes, the whole tape. However our other main specialty is video editing, so after the tape has been digitized you’ll have the whole thing as a mp4 file. From there if you’d like us to only cut out 20 min and render that as a separate file, we can do that.


1-250 regular size photos (4×6 or 5×8) .45 per photo
251-1,000 .40 per photo
8×10 /11×17 photos 1.50 per scan

VHS tape $22 per tape

Photo editing, usually about $50 per photo (lightened, touched up, etc)

Video editing – contact us for pricing, it’s per project

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