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Bulb Brain Creative started as a venture for founder Michael Rataj to pursue his passion of creative collaboration and helping businesses grow.  After 8 years trading futures and options for a large retail Futures Commission Merchant, Mike took the leap to work with businesses to help them plan for the future and execute on the ever changing technological landscape.  The always evolving a fast changing landscape is similar to trading in that each day you could be walking into something new, but the ability to focus on trends, risk management and continually testing new ideas allows your business to stay relevant.

In order to stay relevant in online marketing/social media communication we find it prudent to have our own projects to stay on the cutting edge of communication.  We started an online art sharing hub and art gallery in 2016 and continue to support a worldwide community of artists and creators, sharing artwork we feel is important and nurturing a community interested in sharing their vision.  To follow along with us visit instagram or facebook.

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