Bulb Brain Creative is a digital marketing and content creation company focused on helping businesses tell their stories with video, photography, illustration and written word.

Time is the enemy (but your best friend when you work with us)
Content generation can be easy if you’re good at it.  It can also be the biggest time suck for business owners that already have too much on their plate, adding one more topping can be overwhelming. Time is the one thing you don’t get any more of. Whether it’s missing a school meeting to craft your next social media post for a big sale, missing a dinner with an important person because you’re working on the best wording to release a new product. That’s where we help.

Why Video?

We’re a visual species. Studies have shown that “60% of consumers simply prefer video over text content. Why shouldn’t they prefer it? Over 90% of shoppers find video helpful in making purchase decisions. Video is easier to share on social media and to browse on a mobile device.” We help through all steps of the process, from setting up your social media pages to crafting your social media calendar to creating the video/photo/audio content and running the platform for you.  If you have the time, we’ll happily take the videos and photos and you can post.

Let’s tell your story and engage your community.

Call us at +1 708-942-1791 or send an email to mike@bulbbraincreative.com

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