Bulb Brain Creative is a digital marketing and content creation company in Chicago focused on helping businesses tell their stories with video, photography, illustration and written word. We help create the idea to full-scale social media management.

Let’s tell a story 
Content generation is another task business owners don’t need on their plate. From buying the equipment to learning a new piece of software for something you’re not really interested in, you have better things to do. That’s where we help.

Why Video?

We’re a visual species. Studies have shown that “60% of consumers simply prefer video over text content. Why shouldn’t they prefer it? Over 90% of shoppers find video helpful in making purchase decisions. Video is easier to share on social media and to browse on a mobile device.” We help through all steps of the process, from setting up your social media pages to crafting your social media calendar to creating the video/photo/audio content and running the platform for you.

Let’s tell your story and engage your community.

Call us at +1 708-942-1791 or send an email to mike@bulbbraincreative.com

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Call us at +1 708-942-1791 or send an email to mike@bulbbraincreative.com.

Our focus is Video Production from concept to idea to script to production, distributed across the social media platforms with organic and paid Ads.

Making your business internet ready – $500 (you need the platforms for us to post)
-Claim Yelp for your business and discuss customer service *
-Setup email for your business
-Setup Facebook page for your business and discuss content strategy*
-Setup LinkedIn for your personal page and your official Company page*
-Setup Instagram for your business and link to Facebook and discuss content strategy*
-Business website review

Content Management System – $1000 and up
Post 2 to 3 times per week on Facebook and Instagram, with photos we take at your business and up to 300 words.

Simple Video Content – starting at $500
You have the idea and you want to edit, you just need someone to help with the filming.  Up to 2 hours filming.

Basic Video Content – starting at $1000
You have the idea but need help with your script, filming and editing.  Up to 4 hours filming.

Premium Content Creation – starting at $1500
Video Production
– From idea to script to filming and editing.  We work together to develop a story about your business and the problems you help solve for your clients.  This gets edited down to eight 30 – 45 second clips to post twice a week for 1 month on the relevant social channels.
Video content add-ons.
Video Graphics (additional cost) – Anything from a rotating logo to holding a fireball in your hand.  We can also film with a green screen to add additional backgrounds and effects, providing an even more creative experience to your videos.
360 video** (additional cost) – Want to add an immersive 360 view to your content?  How about the ability to allow potential clients virtually look around your store, restaurant, bar, office, etc?  We’ll use this cutting edge technology to help give your video content a special edge.

**currently only supported by YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, but still really cool.

Additional Services
We work with partners to help with logo design and redesign, website design and redesign, eCommerce, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Google/Youtube/Pinterest/Adsense paid ads, animation, graphic design (business cards, stationary, pamphlets), podcasts, video/podcast. 

Know what you want?  Call us at +1 708-942-1791 or send an email to mike@bulbbraincreative.com so we can schedule your first 30 minute consultation, absolutely free. Let’s communicate better.

*All services come with a quick primer on managing customer service through the pages and a brief explanation of the type of content that works on each.

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Work with us

Call us at +1 708-942-1791 or send an email to mike@bulbbraincreative.com

Has your business been treading water?  Does your business need an online store but don’t have time to learn about it?  Is your business ‘on social media’ but you haven’t seen any engagement?  Have your online page views dropped?

Contact us for a free online diagnostic of your business so you can learn where to improve and how to be seen!

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