Where are the customers (on the internet)?

One of the biggest questions when effectively using the internet to reach your customers is the relevant question: “Where are your customers?”

The same people that are on Facebook may not be on Pinterest or on Twitter or Instagram (etc).  This can be a bit of trial and error to see where you can effectively post your content and get it seen.

If you’re using long form content, either a podcast or a show YouTube or Vimeo would be a great spot.  Facebook pages also allow you to post up to 1.75 GB and 45 minutes.

Instagram is one of the few remaining organic search applications (where people can find you through explore and your hashtags, although a lot of it can be just other marketers liking your stuff so you’ll check out their pages, but they’re still worth doing) and their full video length is 1 minute.  Similar to this is Twitter which allows up to 30 second video clips.  These are both great sites to post the juiciest bits of your 45 minute video to help excite people and drive them over to youtube, facebook or vimeo.

LinkedIn is another great content page.  Although it is a business site, you’ll want to make your content relevant to business.  However people are probably sick of seeing all the interview tips and other generic business related content tips, so taking some initiative and showing some unique content that helps with business could be a great way to receive extra engagement.

YouTube is THE place for video.  It’s the #2 search engine and it’s where so many people search for how to videos, amongst other informative videos.  Consider the type of verbiage people will be typing in when they’re looking for an answer and try to use that to your advantage in your headline and description.  Tags can be relevant, but make sure the whole package is there.  No one just eats a pizza crust, they want the cheese, sauce and toppings to be good, too.

So where should you be?

The short answer is all of the places.  Facebook relies mostly on boosted posts to get your content to be seen, so if you can get traction on linkedin or youTube you could’ve saved yourself some money and potentially found your audience.  As with an always changing internet it’s important to be where the customers are, and then when you find them, make sure that’s your #1 priority!

001 Vlog Brain – The Unexamined Life is one not worth living

I recently purchased a fairly inexpensive camera that I can easily pull out and hit record to capture my day more frequently. The goal of this vlog is to allow myself to create and edit more movies on a (hopefully) daily basis, capturing the fun minutia that creates my days and also to document some of the interesting places I tend to find myself just on the fact that I’m looking for stuff.

This was recorded 8/10/2018 and the morning of 8/11 I opened my email to a quote by James Baldwin. It seemed fitting and very timely and thus seems like a great start to this new ‘Vlog Brain’.

Spurn self-delusion.

I still believe that the unexamined life is not worth living: and I know that self-delusion, in the service of no matter what small or lofty cause, is a price no writer can afford. His subject is himself and the world and it requires every ounce of stamina he can summon to attempt to look on himself and the world as they are.

-from the introduction to Nobody Knows My Name

How to write the perfect social media post

Don’t sell.

Don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell. Don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell. Don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell.

Don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell. Don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell. Don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell.

Don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell. 

Give value. Educate.

Don’t sell.

SEO (Google/Bing/Yahoo) vs Yelp Vs Facebook vs (insert new app)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a great way to organically grow your business.  If you produce enough content and use the relevant keywords for the questions your customers are asking, you have a chance being near the top of the first page of a Google/Bing/Yahoo/Ask search query.  However, the times continue to change.

SEO was extremely important in the time when people would google a business to find about it, but now depending on your business (restaurant/bar, hair salon, dentist office) there may be a number of different apps they may go to before they actually put it into Google.  With location based searches in Yelp/Facebook chances are the first experience your potential client may have with your business is through one of those apps and so it’s important to make a good impression.

If you’ve spent a lot of time developing content and optimizing keywords it’s not for naught, but in the ever changing technological landscape you have to do something in addition to that.

This is where your Yelp/Facebook page presence is extremely important.  If they’re looking for a brewery or bars or pizza place near them, pull your shop up on Yelp and there’s a couple bad reviews and hardly any pictures, chances are they won’t come to your business.  Those bad reviews are there forever and you need to use that to your advantage.

If you have a negative review on Yelp or Facebook address it head on!  This is a chance for your other new potential customers to see directly how you handled an annoyed customer and offered them a free dessert or something similar to offset their issue.  After you’ve responded anyone that looks to your page will see your professional behavior and will want to risk your business because if they have a complaint, they’ll see how you dealt with it.

There shouldn’t be a fear that you’ll be giving out thousands of free desserts to irate customers, there should be excitement at the potential new customers willing to give your place a try because you’re a stand up person.

Just in case you haven’t already, click here to claim your Yelp page. Let us know if you need help.