What does digital content creation mean?

Digital content creation means any kind of content, that’s digitally created and for use on the web (website and social media channels).

What is digital content? It can be anything from a blog to a vlog to a podcast to a photo with some text on it and posted on the various social platforms, including your website!

Which one makes the most sense for you? Well, how do your customers respond to your business? Where are your customers?

Understanding the different social platforms (facebook, instagram, youtube, twitch, tiktok, twitter, podcasts, linkedIn, etc) will help understand what your customers respond best to.

When a new platform comes onto the scene (tiktok, twitch) it’s usually the younger crowd that gets away from the old dog and jumps to the new one. Think why facebook is considered social media for grandparents, instagram for parents (30s-50s) and how the younger crowd is getting AWAY from them to do their own thing.

It was hard enough for someone to figure out how to do instagram only a year ago and now you want to jump to another platform??? no thank you!

So, digital content creation is the ability to create any pictures, words, video or audio to be displayed on any of these platforms. Most of the creating shorter, snappy content is the way to go. However longer form live streams on Twitch or YouTube are also relevant, provided YOU are capable of the performance of a continuously engaging longer form performance.

Sometimes a highly edited 15 second piece jumping on the editing trend of the week on TikTok or Instagram Reels can take up to 8 hours to create! For 15 seconds! Can you keep that up every day? or week? Maybe if you find a time-space-warp but probably not regularly, and so maybe you can’t jump on every trend.

But you don’t have to, those are the things that may go viral. If you keep your digital content shorter and front loaded with what you want to convey, you still have the possibility for success in getting people to see and actually process your content.

What’s the point of creating digital content? to bring awareness to your brand. If you jump on the latest editing trend without referencing what you want to talk about, or share, you’re just creating content that’s interesting but doesn’t get your actual message across.

So when thinking about your digital content creation strategies, it’s important to understand what you want to say and how clever can you be while saying it.

Sometimes that’s difficult on your own, and relying on a content creation company (cough cough Bulb Brain Creative) to help you can get your message across while being insanely imaginative.

Think of digital content creation as anything you’re going to post on the social media channels, and understand WHICH social media channels to post it on while depend on where your customers are. Congrats, in addition to running your business you’re now an actor/performer, creator, producer and director, editor and social media poster. Reach out if you need any help outsourcing the latter 5!

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