Give them dessert first

Google has some amazing ad insights. They have departments devoted to reviewing best practices to ensure people continually place ads on their network. If you sign up for their digital marketing emails you’ll receive a bunch of great stuff.

Including this video breaking down what works. Everyone always says that ‘size matters’ but it seems like what matters is giving people what they want, then if you keep giving them other cool things they’ll keep following you.

The statement in the video was to give them pie first, a reason to stick around, the punchline, whatever, then give them the story leading up to it.

So if you’re wondering about length, that just matters how much engagement you want. Focus on giving dessert first, then give them a story and they’ll stick around longer.

001 Vlog Brain – The Unexamined Life is one not worth living

I recently purchased a fairly inexpensive camera that I can easily pull out and hit record to capture my day more frequently. The goal of this vlog is to allow myself to create and edit more movies on a (hopefully) daily basis, capturing the fun minutia that creates my days and also to document some of the interesting places I tend to find myself just on the fact that I’m looking for stuff.

This was recorded 8/10/2018 and the morning of 8/11 I opened my email to a quote by James Baldwin. It seemed fitting and very timely and thus seems like a great start to this new ‘Vlog Brain’.

Spurn self-delusion.

I still believe that the unexamined life is not worth living: and I know that self-delusion, in the service of no matter what small or lofty cause, is a price no writer can afford. His subject is himself and the world and it requires every ounce of stamina he can summon to attempt to look on himself and the world as they are.

-from the introduction to Nobody Knows My Name