How to make it as an artist – Video Interview with Joanna Hedley AKA Ms Led

This was a great talk with Joanna. It was very informative and a lot of fun to dig into Joanna’s past as an artist and the varied paths it took to get noticed. The video and a full transcript are below.

To see her beautiful artwork visit Joanna’s site here and check out her 2 new books, Pocket Art: Portrait Drawing: The Quick Guide to Mastering Technique and Style – Pocket Art: Figure Drawing: The quick guide to mastering technique and style –

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The three things I would take away is continue to be active. Find your art community and uh, you do need to believe in yourself. So find your support system, whether it’s a friend, whether it’s family that can believe in you, but either way, surround yourself with those people that are going to push you and make sure you’re pushing yourself into new things and the people that support you.

Show Your Work!

Taken from Austin’s personal page.

In ten tight chapters, I lay out ways to think about your work as a never-ending process, how to build an audience by sharing that process, and how to deal with the ups and downs of putting yourself and your work out in the world:

  1. You don’t have to be a genius.
  2. Think process, not product.
  3. Share something small every day.
  4. Open up your cabinet of curiosities.
  5. Tell good stories.
  6. Teach what you know.
  7. Don’t turn into human spam.
  8. Learn to take a punch.
  9. Sell out.
  10. Stick around.

This book is not just for “creatives”! Whether you’re an artist or an entrepreneur, a student or a teacher, a hobbyist or a professional, it’s time to stop worrying and start sharing.

This is a great book.  He basically lays out a marketing strategy for the new age of low cost communication.  It comes down to a branding strategy, where if you’re posting regularly on the social media platforms where the most people are, you’ll develop your brand and stay at the forefront.  Instead of just posting your finished work he makes the intelligent suggestion to post new and different material.  IE, if you’re an illustrator do a sketch, or a corner of a piece you’re working on, while avoiding the typical latte or lunch posts.

As a basic primer to marketing, it’s a quick read and gives you a run down on how to market yourself.  You’re not just trying to sell in every post or posting a sale, but you’re having a communication with your prospective client to engage them to buy when they need your product.