5 Annoying things brands do on social media


I was looking to write an article but came across one with graphics and text so great I’ll just be reposting it here.  The full article is at the bottom, but I’ll break it down into multiple posts as there’s so much good information each little piece could stand to be dissected.

The featured image literally tells 1000 words about how to be an expert social media person.  It lays out very distinctly 5 different things that people are annoyed when brands do or don’t do.  Most novice social media companies tend to overly post promotions or remind you to buy stuff.  The whole reason they’re following you is they bought stuff in the past.  Now they’re looking for you to provide some extra value, or to continue telling your story in an interesting an intriguing way in YOUR voice. Don’t try to be something that you’re not, be genuine.

Step one when we take over your social media accounts are to understand your voice so we can replicate it.

It’s very difficult to never digest social media on your own, then start posting content from your page. It’s very difficult to master without taking in how the different programs ‘breathe’ and vital to understanding the different platforms so you can also speak in the respective voice that each platform is trying to communicate.  People are on different platforms for different reasons and you must understand them before you try to speak on them.

So, as the list says, here are the 5 annoying things that brands do on social media.

  1. Posting too many promotions
  2. Using slang or jargon
  3. Not having any personality on their accounts
  4. Trying to be funny when they’re not
  5. Not replying to my message

This article from Sprout Social is really good and is basically a bachelors in how to be an effective communicator on social media. Because of it’s depth I’ll cut it into multiple batches to discuss, but you can read the full piece here.

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