What is your time worth?

“I do the marketing myself”

“I don’t need marketing help, we have an intern”

I get it. I used to cut my own hair when I was trying to save money in my younger days.  I’d set up 4 different mirrors and would use the 2 or 3 setting, keeping it the same length around my head to minimize my ‘error rate’.

It worked.  My hair was cut and I didn’t have to worry about it for another month.  Job done. But even with all the mirrors in the world I’d still miss a few strands behind my ears, or a big chunk in the back of the head spot that was my blind spot when the light shone on it perfectly.  After the haircut I’d have to get out the broom to sweep up the hair, then the vacuum to get the hair the broom didn’t get.  Then take a shower to get all the hair off that fell down my shirt because I kept moving and the hair cutting cape didn’t keep the excess hair out.  My cost saving hair cut would end up costing me about an hour, if not more if I kept finding hairs inside and outside the bathroom, stuff that I no doubt tracked while trying to clean.  Then there’s the mental stress of thinking about doing the haircut, putting it off until it has to be done, then worrying after the fact if I got everything.

Now I go to a barber.  I decide the day I need the haircut, I find the place, walk in, tell them what I need, then leave after 15 minutes with no extra clean up.  I enjoy my haircuts now.  They’re relaxing.  I usually find myself closing my eyes to relax even more and reflecting on when I tried to save myself $20 by doing it myself all those years ago.

I go to a professional, tell them what I’m looking for, and they deliver. The mental space saved is worth it alone for me. And I can suggest different styles and they’ll do it!

So, what are you doing to save money?  What are you best at in your business, and are you spending your time doing that?  Or are you trying to save money and read all the latest marketing articles and books, attending the latest marketing webinars and finally spending your time posting your own images on Facebook or Instagram?

I get it.  It also makes sense.  Starting off as an entrepreneur you have to wear all the hats to save & make your money stretch.  But now that you’ve been in business for more than a few months do you see where your money is made?  Could you be spending an extra hour having a meeting with another client instead of trying to write a paragraph for that perfect post on facebook that may or may not be seen? Or hunting through stock image websites to find a perfect picture to match your paragraph?

All of those things work and you can do them yourself, but, what is your time worth?  How many hours a day are you spending doing the above?  In addition, how many hours are you spending thinking about what you need to be doing with your online marketing? Are you getting the results you want, or are you spending the time and frustrated that no one is communicating back to you?

Come see a professional and relax.

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