How to Create Content for your Business

K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid)

One of the hardest things to do as an expert in a particular field is to remember some of the intro and basic questions you were searching for on your way to becoming an expert in that field. However, if you can remember those, you’re on your way to creating content for your business.

The questions you ask as an expert are way beyond what beginners will be wondering, and so you need to put yourself in your customers shoes.

The easiest way to create content for your business is if you have regular contact with new customers, or even recurring customers, is to pay attention to the types of questions they ask you! This is some of the most invaluable information marketers would love to know.

Hearing these questions are a direct understanding of what customers are asking, and can help you create content for your business.

The more timely information can help to be witty Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts.

The information that seems evergreen would be great to turn into a YouTube video. While you’re filming it, or even if it takes longer to go through whatever it is (maybe a lighting setup in Bulb Brain’s case) a live stream on twitch can then be re-edited into a YouTube video, with smaller clips making their way to the previously mentioned social media platforms.

In the moment it may be difficult to understand what exactly is evergreen vs timely content, and don’t stress. As long as you can stream it or film it your views (and time itself) will help determine if it’s remains relevant or not.

So how do you create content for your business? Pay attention to your customers wants and needs, and create it based on what they’re asking for!

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