Why Video?

Getting back on the ground and speaking to small businesses, it’s important after that first introduction or call to send a quick elevator pitch of what you’re offering and/or a quick sample of what you’ve done and how you can help.

I may be biased, but I think high quality and imaginative photos and videos are the #1 thing to help you stand out from the competition.

Yes, even cell phones are getting to that level where the AI processes in most smart phones surpass DSLR’s, but, you still need to understand lighting, composition and even CONTEXT to take a really good photo.

Every photo is essentially telling a story. Story of the environment, of the person being photographed, of the emotions on their face, how they’re interacting with the environment, how the lighting is emphasizing (and actually) creating the mood.

‘They’ say that people will watch a video on a website before they read a word of the site.. So, assume someone that’s first meeting you, goes to your homepage, sees a few paragraphs of text AND a great looking video, showcasing what you do, engaging them to watch the full 60 seconds and then understand and if told well get them emotionally involved in whatever problems you help solve!

They need to see themselves in the shoes of someone in the movie, they want to go along for a ride, they want to be educated, informed and of course entertained.

So why video? Video is the easiest way to show people you, your business and how you help people before they realized what they just watched.

And… if you want proof. Have a giant meal and then watch some TV with commercials and i would bet you’d be looking for another snack after watching so many food commercials in a row.

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