what are the basic benefits of Social Media Marketing? What is the basic meaning of choosing an audience? How to optimize your blog post for social sharing through making commenting easy?

Read your comments! This was a comment written on one of my blog posts last year and somehow I missed it. The questions are brilliant and led me to a big response and new blog entry, but also i hope to make this a video. These are additional questions that matter to people in my realm/sphere of what i do and so this helps me add another layer to. Thanks for the questions Emmet Jack.

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Hey, you’re a really good article writer, I want to be conscious about your topic, what are the basic benefits of Social Media Marketing? What is the basic meaning of choosing an audience? How to optimize your blog post for social sharing through making commenting easy?

Hello Emmet Jack!  Thanks for your reply.  Let me answer these questions and then I’ll turn it into a blog.

Basic benefits of social media marketing – By now it should be apparent that’s where the majority of us spend our time.  Even if we’re not on it every minute of the day, when we do sign on we receive a fire hose of content (written content, pictures, video content), froms almost everyone trying to sell us on changing our mind or getting us to buy something.  

So it’s important to be there because the majority of people are on there.  If you’re connected to 700 people on your personal facebook page, it might make sense to share great content you made from your BUSINESS facebook page (which has 15 followers) to your personal page (which has 700 followers). 

Now just because you share 1 video doesn’t mean it’s going to ‘work’, ie, people won’t just flood your door, but you’re now giving yourself and your business (or hobby, or whatever your FB page is about) an almost 450% increase in visibility to new eyes. Not only new eyes but in this instance these are people that are somewhat connected to you already, and so if they already like you and now you’re sharing what you do in your free time they may jump over to your business page to support that.

And that’s all it’s about.  B/c you can spend money to get in a daily shopper, or post on a bulletin board as you’re walking out of the grocery store, or EDDM, or a billboard or TV ad, but social media is currently where you can access a bunch of random people, effectively. In order to do that the bar continues to get raised for good content, which is why just starting creating content helps you see where are you so you know where to improve.

Basic meaning of choosing an audience.  If you’ve been in business for some time you have a general customer that buys your products.  IE, is it males 35-50?  Females 28-40, married with a family, is it divorced, single males 50-65, etc.  If you can understand where your hot spot is of people that buy your product or service the most, you can then understand the different things they like and respond to and cater your marketing and/or content creation to be of extra interest to this specific audience, in the hopes that it will attract similar people.

Conversely, imagine if your product only sells to men but you would like to sell to women too.  Then you work on creating content for the female audience.  It will differ if the woman is single vs married vs a mother vs a grandmother and so on, so if you understand who exactly you’d like to reach it will help you create great content for the audience.

IE if you’re going for the mothers aged 28-40, understand what concerns and issues and needs they have and then address them with your product or service from their eyes, not from a 38 year old man’s eyes.

How to optimize your blog for social sharing through making commenting easy

Essentially make sure your pages are public and you allow those things, that’s step 1.

Going back to the personal FB page or even private instagram, if you’re trying to reach NEW people you need to make sure your page and everything on it is public.  Which is why if you’d rather keep stuff private where you post pics of your kids, your food, if you go out to bars or see live music, etc then it’s important to create a separate PUBLIC facebook and/or instagram profile to be used exclusively for pitching your business or service.

Now this also relates to the TYPE of content you create.  Once you have a public page with visibility, you want to attempt to create a conversation about something, so instead of just telling someone ‘hey i do video services, brand stories start at $2,000’ for every social post, i’ll lose people.  

However, if I continually show people the cool brand stories that Bulb Brain Creative makes, then people would attempt to comment asking questions about how they could get one, because i’ve shown then what we do and if they were moved emotionally by a random persons story, then in theory it should be possible to do it for them!

But comments are essential because they could guide your content.

Now this is the other magic part.


If people are commenting, and they’re not anonymous trolls, listen to their feedback.  If a lot of people like a certain shot you do in multiple stories, do a tutorial on setting up that shot, or at least explain it more in depth to people.  Explain why using this type of shot after setting up a character helps drive home who the character is, or something.

Or, if someone asks a really good question maybe that can turn into a whole other blog!  (Thanks Emmet Jack for the great comment that inspired this blog 🙂

You can also gauge the pulse of the community through your feed, which can also lead to you creating more content if you see how you might be able to answer someone’s questions.

And I think this was what you were asking, but, you have to imagine you’re having a conversation with someone.  A lot of times people may not actually respond, but if you get them to think in their pause, that’s usually enough for the first couple of times.  

I hope this answers your questions, thanks for the feedback!

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