2020 Trends: how businesses will use video

2020 Trends: how businesses will use video

Video is getting to be more of an integral part of a lot of companies’ marketing strategies. Everyone seems to recognize there’s no going back and certain trends will become more widespread in 2020.

Segmented markets. This trend took over direct marketing years ago and now it’s spreading to video. More companies and organizations will create not just one video with their main message, but several of them. Each video will target a segment of their target demographic. They’ll upload each video on the social media platform(s) used by that segment.

Branding. Companies will make video a bigger part of their branding by using consistent templates. Graphics, sound effects and video styles will echo each other on all videos. Marketing staff will also make sure the visuals of their videos are consistent across their website and social media accounts, especially when it’s an option to have a video as your avatar.

Distribution. Companies will more and more upload video to hosted sites like YouTube and Vimeo. These will look better as suspicion of Facebook and other social media sites makes them slightly less appealing.

1:1 videos. Customers and potential customers and clients will receive more personalized video messages. A company rep will reach out to the person with a video that’s the same for everyone, but that starts by saying hello to the customer by name. These 1:1 videos will be used to answer a customer’s inquiry, to offer product support, etc.

Shoppable videos. Videos on YouTube or other platforms will include links that take you right to the company’s website. You might see a cool gadget or a great jacket and click right on the link so you can buy it immediately.

Training videos. Organizations will also use videos more often internally to train employees, reducing the need for a large training staff.

Less sound. More and more people watch videos without turning on the sound. Businesses recognize this and are creating more captioned videos. Captions can also be used to make videos more searchable through key words.
Vlogging. Companies will use more user-generated content, specifically people who regularly present their own content through video, or “vloggers.” This includes “ephemeral stories” eg. those posted on Snapchat and Instagram where vloggers’ stories are available and/or relevant only briefly.

Anyone who doesn’t take advantage of the ways video can spread your message isn’t facing reality. More businesses are using video to engage clients at the same time that people want better visuals on products and services before they decide to buy.

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