Photoshop vs Lightroom

This article will mostly be geared towards other techies like myself, but if you’re a longtime photoshop user (like me) and have recently been hearing about Lightroom (like me) and wonder what the differences are, check this article.

It’s a great article and the images below are wonderful, and i’m somewhat remiss to use them since there’s no tag from the original site.  Note to business owners, it’s OK to watermark your stuff, especially if it’s really useful.  Chances are it will get shared and you’ll get free advertising.

This is one of the benefits of creating infographics and other useful graphics for your business.  They allow you to show the wealth of knowledge that you have gained through your year(s) in business and when someone shares it, if your business name or web address or whatever is embedded it’ll be able to bring people back to your site.

It’s also an argument that you should continue to make cool things like that for your business.  They don’t have to be entirely new, they can be close but similar.  Maybe you try out different designers, different color schemes, etc.

Just another thing to continually test for your business.



Lightroom is an image ma

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