A stroll around the Metropolitan Bar

The video at the front of the site has been changed. I'm extremely happy with how this turned out and the perfect song that somehow existed in the world to allow me to match it up to this video. Makes me thirsty every time I watch it.

Sanket Gohil from 6 corners Novacare (Braincast 006)

In the first episode of the 6 corners association portion of the Braincast, Michael Rataj sits down with Sanket Gohil from Novacare to discuss the benefits of sitting correctly, as well strengthening and cardio exercises. You can visit Sanket at Novacare at 6 corners: 4008 N. Cicero Avenue, Klee Bldg, Chicago, IL 60641, (773) 283-5398. 

How to make it as an artist – Video Interview with Joanna Hedley AKA Ms Led

This was a great talk with Joanna. It was very informative and a lot of fun to dig into Joanna's past as an artist and the varied paths it took to get noticed. The video and a full transcript are below. To see her beautiful artwork visit Joanna's site here and check out her 2 …