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Ok yes this is an affiliate post, but just finding the information on this site was so cool that I had to share a link. This will be used in the coming months for Bulb Brain to further craft our video prouction services, video editing tutorials, how to film videos with your phone and other lower budget options for marketing teams looking for some on the go footage.

It provides analytics for whatever topic you would like to know about, so, you can essentially learn the trail of How do I, and other tutorial keywords people are out there looking for in YOUR business.


This becomes super helpful when writing the content headlines and copy, because you have some phrases that are important to people….

So yes this is an affiliate link, but I think even on a free version this site could be super helpful to small businesses or entrepreneurs on a budget looking to understand what exactly their customers are searching for.

One of the under talked about interests in Bulb Brain is the technical aspect of marketing. Head Brain Michael Rataj’s tenure as a retail futures & options broker has made understanding technical trends in a fun add on to the usual tracking of economic actyivity.

Social media platforms because a monthly active users game, where the best social media platforms have the furthest organic reach at the time. Time is when one social media platform is more relevant than the other.

For that, as above, use the monthly active user info, if it’s reported. This is also where you may spot a social platform early and like how easy or adaptable it is, and then you just setup stake and maybe the world turns to you. In the meantime it’s still important to focus on the other platforms as there’s still an audience there.

So if you’re looking for content ideas, check out Answer the Public! (or we can help)

Answer the public.

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