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Bulb Brain Creative is a Chicago based Video production and full service marketing company specializing in high quality content with a strategy. Your social media and internet presence is a continued conversation with your clients.

After you receive your video(s) from us there are a lot of different ways to navigate distributing it. Should I promote it? Does it go on my website? My YouTube? FaceBook?

The answer is yes to all, but depending on your budget we can help you look at which platforms and styles makes the most sense. Same with video styles. We produce a number of different style videos to suit your business needs. Videos range from Educational videos, Television commercials, Corporate videos,
Training videos, Instructional Videos, Live event videos, marketing videos, sales videos, social media videos, human resources training videos and any other genre of Educational videos that may apply to your business.

All good video production includes extensive PRE-Production to help an idea come to fruition. This is including analysis and research of your given industry/market/product, Coming up with the creative concept to be filmed, developing the style or art direction of the piece, figuring out story development and copywriting the script, Then there’s planning the project, outlining the story and storyboarding. Storyboarding is essential to see the vision of what we’re going after, so when we get to Production, it flows smoothly into Post production, which shows us what we need to do AFTER we filmed to give you the story we discussed in pre-production.

Production is assumed as the actual date that you or actors will be discussing your product on camera. We’ve secured a location, permits if necessary, and we’re going to be filming for ## hours to get all of the shots we storyboarded, and get every single word of the script that we worked hard on writing. We’ll know if we’re doing any drone shots, car chases, helicopter stunts (jk).

But, we film and film and get all of the shots, and then we wrap for the day.

Then we shake hands, hug, congratulate each other on a tough day at the set and you don’t hear from us for a week. Now the real work begins for us.

Now we take all of that footage, import it onto our computer machine robots, and then line it all up. We’ll set up the audio track first, make sure that recorded beautifully. We’ll do some light EQ on the audio because the audio will be our ‘Through Piece’, it will be the thing that tells the story of our video. Audio Mixing is a thing unto itself, and is one of the subtle winners of a great video. On top of a solid voice over, adding sound effects helps create an additional layer of awesome to a video. They say audio is 60% of what you don’t see (whoever they are).

Then we’ll organize the footage into interview, b roll, location and other signifying details that are relevant to us. Using the storyboards, we’ll align the video shots in order to coincide with the storyboards that we laid out. Then we’ll tweak the edit. And then tweak the edit. And then tweak the edit. And then we’ll send it to you. And this is considered the 1st draft.*

*editing is no joke. It’s where the piece comes together. And it takes a lot of refining.

You’ll be removed from the project because of the time delay and so you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see how beautiful the footage looks and how great of a job everyone did. You’ll say ‘I love it! But…..’ and we’ll go through our First round of edits. We’ll have a recorded phone call where we’ll screen share and you can show the exact spots you want changed and how you want them changed. We’ll smile and comply and return within 72 hours with the 2nd draft.

‘I love it!’ you’ll say ‘But….’ and then we’ll go through our 2nd round of edits. Same verse as the first, but we’ll fine tune it even more. Maybe it’s picking up pacing of a line, or a sequence, but it’s usually just a couple small edits. We’ll do this on the phone and then within 48 hours you’ll receive The Final Draft!!

Oh now the color looks better, because we color graded the footage to optimize the colors, the highlights, the shadows, saturation, contrast etc to make the footage stand out in the best of ways. You’ll be able to tell a difference.

Oh but you need Animation and special effects or a title sequence? Yes we can help. Titles are an additional project. They go through a similar pre-production process as the videos before deciding what create.*

*titles can be reused! Once you create your title sequence you can use it on all future videos at no additional cost. It’s a ‘separate video’ for you to post on YouTube, and it’s a great 5-10 second brand piece you can point people to. An extremely effective mini story.

So now you have ‘a video’.

Should I promote it? Does it go on my website? My YouTube? FaceBook? PPC (paid social ads)? YouTube ads? Instagram? TikTok? LinkedIn? LinkedIn Company Page? Facebook Business Page? Do I go live and share it? Twitter? All those other new platforms that keep popping up?
My services page on my website? Google My business page? Yelp page? Do I try to get it on local TV stations or is my audience potential national? This is when we can revert back to the pre-production research we did and use it as a general marketing strategy to continually test moving forward.

Test and refine. Test and refine.

We work on a one time or monthly retainer of marketing help, taking over the promotion of our video so we see you full through touch down. It doesn’t make sense to leave you hanging in the bottom of the 9th with bases loaded and get a gutter ball. You have to shoot that basket, and scoring that goal is promoting the video we made for you, and that seems like a hole in 1 to us.

Contact us to see if we would be a good fit for your project. Call us at +1 708-942-1791 or send an email to mike@bulbbraincreative.com.

Corporate Videos

Typically part of internal communications, it can be your mission statement video, your 25th anniversary video, your yearly ‘Vlog’ video of board members giving a wrap up of the company, Employee Testimonial videos that you use for recruiting new talent and any other corporate commemorative event that would be important enough to be remembered through video in a couple of years.

Brand Commercial

Imagine the conversation you always tell new friends and clients about what your business does. Now imagine that with a strong voice over and some amazing visuals to convey your business idea into a 30 second piece. This is the video you send and show to every person who will watch it. And with your permission, we can use PPC (paid ads) to promote your message to the people you WANT to see it. (pre-production research)

Small Business Social Media Content (Monthly Subscription) Video service – $800 and up

Your idea, 1 camera, up to 2 hours filming, 1/2 day editing. We specialize in internet optimized content with a strategy, so we show up on location with a 1 person crew to quickly record high quality, timely content.  Longer days and more crew members available for bigger projects. Titles and motion graphics available at additional cost.

Training Videos

Whether intended for a company YouTube channel or Internal employee education, training videos are a great way to distill a very complex topic and or subject into something that is easily digestible for the recipient. Pre-Production is very important here, so we can understand who we’re attempting to reach and what we’re trying to say to them.

Sales Videos

These are the continued conversations you have with clients, the regulations in your market, the requirements before clients get started with you, any product update or other business related news, falls into this category. Typically meant to work in part with marketing videos, as specialized videos sent out by sales staff.

Videos are nice, what about photography?
Yes we do that too. Photography is about capturing a story. There’s energy in performance (dancing at events) and energy in products. They each need to be shown in their best respective light

Marketing Consulting

If you need a little website help, a little strategy direction on the social media channels, some idea generation, a little video consulting, some editing help, starting a social campaign, etc this is an a la carte call. ideally we’d like to do some research to be specific so there’s the options of just talking generally vs specifically.

PPC Campaign

Whether we created the video or photo we can still help you promote it on the different social channels. This includes and is not limited to PPC, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Snapchat Ads, tiktok ads and most new platforms. It’s the thinking behind the distribution that matters most. Conversely, each respective platforms requires it’s respective care, so assume each platform is a similar yet separate thing.

Event Photography

There’s a story told through every event.  Our job is to capture that store in the best possible light so you have content to be able to use for the next year, until the next event.  Minimum 2 hours, starting at $500.

Video Events
Are you having a great event you’re looking to commemorate?  We’ll show up and film it so you can enjoy yourself and have something to remember.
Minimum 2 hours, starting at $800.

2dimensional 30 second projects starting at $800

Yup.  It can be one of the most tedious parts of making a video, but, it’s also where the final product truly comes together.  If you filmed something and you want us to see if we can get it into shape, get in touch.  Typically we charge $250 for a half day of editing (up to 2 hours of footage), $500 for a full day (up to 4 hours) and $2000 for the week.  Get in touch so we can give a more direct quote, but that will get you started.

Video Graphics (additional cost) – Anything from a rotating logo to holding a fireball in your hand.  We can also film with a green screen to add additional backgrounds and effects, providing an even more creative experience to your videos.

360 video** (additional cost) – Want to add an immersive 360 view to your content?  How about the ability to allow potential clients to virtually look around your store, restaurant, bar, office, etc?  We’ll use this cutting-edge technology to help give your video content a special edge.

**currently only supported by YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, but still really cool.

Additional Services
We work with partners to help with logo design and redesign, website design and redesign, eCommerce, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Google/Youtube/Pinterest/Adsense paid ads, animation, graphic design (business cards, stationary, pamphlets), podcasts, video/podcast. 

Know what you want?  Call us at +1 708-942-1791 or send an email to mike@bulbbraincreative.com so we can schedule your first 30 minute consultation, absolutely free. Let’s communicate better.

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