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We’re a Chicago based Photo & video production company specializing in high quality content with a strategy. Your social media and internet presence is a continued conversation with your clients, so let’s create your content with that in mind.

Video service – $600 and up
Your idea, 1 camera, up to 2 hours filming, 1/2 day editing. We specialize in internet optimized content with a strategy, so we show up on location with a 2 person crew to quickly record high quality, timely content.  Longer days and more crew members available for bigger projects. Drone as an add-on.

Event Photography

There’s a story told through every event.  Our job is to capture that store in the best possible light so you have content to be able to use for the next year, until the next event.  Minimum 2 hours, starting at $500.

Video Events
Are you having a great event you’re looking to commemorate?  We’ll show up and film it so you can enjoy yourself and have something to remember.
Minimum 2 hours, starting at $800.

2dimensional 30 second projects starting at $800

Yup.  It can be one of the most tedious parts of making a video, but, it’s also where the final product truly comes together.  If you filmed something and you want us to see if we can get it into shape, get in touch.  Typically we charge $250 for a half day of editing (up to 2 hours of footage), $500 for a full day (up to 4 hours) and $2000 for the week.  Get in touch so we can give a more direct quote, but that will get you started.

Video Graphics (additional cost) – Anything from a rotating logo to holding a fireball in your hand.  We can also film with a green screen to add additional backgrounds and effects, providing an even more creative experience to your videos.

360 video** (additional cost) – Want to add an immersive 360 view to your content?  How about the ability to allow potential clients to virtually look around your store, restaurant, bar, office, etc?  We’ll use this cutting-edge technology to help give your video content a special edge.

**currently only supported by YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, but still really cool.

Additional Services
We work with partners to help with logo design and redesign, website design and redesign, eCommerce, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Google/Youtube/Pinterest/Adsense paid ads, animation, graphic design (business cards, stationary, pamphlets), podcasts, video/podcast. 

Know what you want?  Call us at +1 708-942-1791 or send an email to so we can schedule your first 30 minute consultation, absolutely free. Let’s communicate better.