Bulb Brain Gallery

The Bulb Brain Gallery (originally Adult Creativity) was founded by Michael Rataj in 2016 as a way to inspire people to create more. ‘Adult Creativity’ was simply what Michael hoped to provide, and didn’t want to stress too much on the name.

Adult Creativity built it’s following on Instagram, resharing artwork from artists all over the world in the mostly low brow and surrealist forms of art.

Eventually artists were commissioned to create works exclusively for the gallery using the ‘bulb’ and a ‘brain’ to show inspiration and creativity, but in the artists style taking on a different interpretation.

IE, Spencer Mann’s interpretation on the mess that is creativity, but only to create one giant beautiful piece of work. Rob Israel’s creativity monster, your inner self allowing itself to create an ignoring any critics that try to tear you down (mostly ourselves).

Lurk’s bulb brain monster is attacked by those same critic goblins that attacked Rob’s creature, as well the same critic goblins that attacked Tony Papesh’s character. Ms. Wearer, a bright artist from the UK specializing in psychedelic and trippy artwork, created the dripping bulb brains in space, an attempt at visually showing Flow.

Selfish Little’s exploding bulb brain, Stephen Belmarsh’s corporate fellow handing over his head to creativity, the Bulb Brain Bug.

Anyways, visit our stores and buy some stuff, please.


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