Braintrust is a networking group founded by head brain Michael Rataj in Feb of 2019. Their 2nd meeting was on the polar vortex, when even Fannie’s was considering closing for the day.

The group met consistently every other Tuesday, first at Fannie’s on Montrose, then Fannie’s on Milwaukee and now virtually via zoom. People are encouraged to either have their food or order it, it’s your call.

The group started to be different from other networking groups. Michael found value in the last 10 minutes of groups, when they would all put their heads together to discuss issues someone is having, to help them grow and so the group in turn can learn something as well.

The group has had speakers, mostly in group and then guest speakers, with a 15 minute lively discussion to follow.

Anyone is welcome to attend. Currently we’re holding sessions every other Tuesday via zoom. Find more info on the BulbBrainCreative FB page under events!

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