Orgazine your photos, organize your life with Lida Bunting of Znimka Creations

Michael speaks with Lida Bunting of Znimka’s Creations, a boutique photo organizing and photo book creation company. We as a society take hundreds of photos each month and have them stored on various devices, from laptop to smart phone to numerous cloud drives, it can be hectic trying to organize where the photo is of so and so’s birthday celebration, or that special dinner you had, or the birth of a child.

Znimka’s Creations can help. Their specialty is photo organizing, taking all of your photos from all of these different areas, deleting the duplicates and keeping them in one easy to find spot.

Visit http://www.Znimkacreations.com to learn more about how Lida and Znimka’s Creations can help organize your photos to organize your life.

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