‘Video is where the world’s going’ ‘Video will be hot this year’ ‘Video killed the radio star!’ ‘Video!  Video!  Video!’

When you get home at night and you want to relax what do you do?  If you say watch something, well, then video has been here, and it’s getting more embedded in our lives and our ability to create video is easier than ever. We have media studios in our pockets, and sometimes it makes call, too!  Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine (after google)  Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, & twitter even have video capabilities.  People have always preferred video over reading something.

We help with monthly, quarterly, and yearly content strategies, making sure each video answers your clients most frequently asked questions about your business, timely news related to your industry, and a fresh bio video for you to use on your website.

We offer event promotion and wrap up services for conferences in addition to Event photography.