Video and social media for Non-Profits

Video is one of the most helpful ways of telling all of the individual stories of the lives the organization is affecting, but, it’s not cost effective to hire a full production crew to get all those testimonials and stories.

Think of your videos as assets. However long you imagine you’ll be around as a non profit you’ll be able to use the video as some reference for your impact.

The accumulation of years of these individual videos can be compiled sequentially, or, of course whatever form of narrative you prefer.

Then a script can be written for a founder or some key members of the organization and use the film budget on this setup. The voice over captured here will be key in telling the stories of all of the individual videos.

On all of the social media platforms are great for non profits. Whatever you’re doing, people will want to know whatever story is behind it. You can record your on the spot visits with some guidance to be compiled later as vlogs of certain activities, or the planting a tree project, or whichever unique fundraising opportunity you’re looking to do. ‘

If you need more attendance to an event start PROMOTING your event video at least 3 months in advice, for awareness/etc. If you’re selling tickets try to break up your goals by the months you have until the event. Then see how many video views is required to get someone to click a link and then actually buy a ticket.

you multiply that information to understand where you need to be by show time.

Ideally along the way you’ll have unique opportunities or repeatedly asked questions from people and use your internet presence to answer these questions ahead of time.

The most relevant platforms now include TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, SnapChat, Twitch and Whats App. Your customer base will reside on either all or just some of the platforms. It up to you to test which ones get the best responses.

Bulb Brain is compassionate to the mission of a non-profit, but also has a family. Bulb Brain offers a few hours a month of volunteer work to non profits, please reach out to see what we can coordinate. (usually it’s a project at a heavily discounted rate)

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