Hello Self Employment of the arts people!

Here’s a handy web page with a list of resources for you to check out to help your video, marketing and social media journey.

The most important part is to share your story, what’s real, and why you create.

Below is a small playlist with 3 interviews of 3 different artists. 2 ‘traditional’, ie, painting & drawing and then an actress/writer/comedian. They all discuss their creative process, how they build a community of support around them and how they continually create.

Remember, the only important thing about creating is that you’re satisfying your inner questions and conflicts. Create from your heart…

Until you go commercial, then you do exactly what the client wants and shut up about your ego. 🙂 And that’s because you’re then dealing with their ego, but you’re the tool to help them accomplish a goal. And that’s meant in the most loving way possible.

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