Real Estate Photography & Video

As a Chicago real estate agent you know the value of good photography. The pictures and words on your listing sell your property before your client even steps foot in the door.

Home Photography starts at $250 for 25 High quality photos (2000 sq ft).

Video walkthroughs start at $500

Using a steadicam and the latest technology in cameras, We’re able to use you (the realtor) as the star of your listing and help guide your potential buyer of the story of your listing. They want to walk in and see their big, bright living room. Then we’ll want to show the master bedroom so they know where they’ll be sleeping. After that we’ll show the kitchen because they’ll spend so much of their life in there, they want to see themselves standing at the stove cooking a meal for a loved one.

Then we’ll focus on any other selling points of the house, going through the rooms, bathrooms, basement then outside.

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