Podcast for Business

Podcasting is a great way for you to provide valuable insight and conversations around your industry, product and other similar topics pertaining to your business.

Radio has been popular since it first started (well, since people could afford radios) and with technology over the past few years, we’ve seen traditional radio fall off for people’s choose your own adventure life of audio listening.

We’re so deep in the podcasting rabbit hole that actors and big companies are trying their hand at it, producing finely edited pieces to help sell their story more.

What’s great about a podcast is it’s just 1 format. You can still capture the video conversation for additional content, but you would strip the audio for audio only platforms, ie itunes, spotify, stitcher, etc.

On YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn company page, instagram you can use the video with the audio in smaller chunks to help provide awareness to the podcast.

This is how you can effectively use social media to drive additional traffic to your podcast.

Depending on which platform you have the most followers, transform the content into relatable to the platform. IE, instagram only allows 60 second video posts, IG TV 10 min, stories 8 seconds, tiktok 15 seconds, youtube 45/unlimited depending on account, facebook 45/60 minutes.

Some platforms are a destination for people to observe the content while other times they’re spots for you to promote the podcast.

All of these take additional time, along with craft each weekly script, recording, etc. Consider up to 1 month production before air date, but if you have a file recorded, or you have a script and you need it recorded, that can be turned around within a week.

With today’s technology, we don’t even need to record in person! With some small gear upgrades and best practices for quiet rooms, we can direct you remotely and then let you record the podcast, then email us the files to edit! Each guest will have their separate mic track which will allow for easy editing should they lose connection, or something similar.

We’ll be able to provide you with a script (if required) so you can make sure to stay on topic, and add additional talking points that might be considered helpful.

Reach out to see how we can help you use podcasts to effectively brand your business.

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