Thank you for having me, Northbrook

Hello Northbrook! I’m extremely honored to join your Chamber of Commerce. Bulb Brain Creative offers affordable, energetic and dynamic videos for your business, including commercial promos, event footage, and high-quality video and photo content for distribution on your social media pages.

For example, we can create a primary video for your YouTube channel, then slice it up for weekly distribution on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and/or Twitter. If you want to create a monthly web series, we can assist with that, too. We can also run paid ads on social platforms, finding your target audience based on behaviors and locations, then managing those ads on a monthly basis.

Pricing is the biggest barrier to entry in video production, with some full-scale projects over multiple days and locations costing more than $16,000. Our approach, however, is flexible and designed to meet your needs at the most efficient price point. We use a lean crew for smaller projects to keep pricing affordable, while still offering a top-quality

I joined the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce because so many friends I had met
through different networking events were all involved in the Northbrook Chamber. I went to a Northbrook event to check it out and was hooked. I love the community and support it provides and wanted to be involved in any way possible.

I hope you enjoy this video on my unofficial tour of your beautiful library. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you!

Michael Rataj
Head Brain

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