Creative Family Movies

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Let’s take all of the old photo memories and combine those into a video!  Do you have an event where you captured ‘a ton’ of photos and videos but you’re too intimitaded by the volume of captured media?

We’re here to make your memories a movie!

Upload your specific event photos and videos to our cloud storage and we’ll edit it together for you into one, easy to view movie file.  This file can be uploaded directly to YOUR facebook, youtube and instagram*!  The images never leave your computer, you simply copy them to our cloud device and we access them from there.

Perfect for weekend vacations, graduations, 1st birthday parties, sporting events, etc.  Videos start up to 5 minutes for $500 with a free 30 seconds for chamber members.  Assume roughly 60 photos per minute of viewable video.  Music provided from public domain or to purchase at an additional cost.

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