Event Photography

Photographing an event is more than taking a picture of the person on the stage. It’s about understanding who is at the event, when a special guest is arriving, if they’re only there for 30 minutes and you need 3 photos of them with 3 different board members. It’s about the types of groups that are forming, seeing how the event is unfolding and capturing that emotion in the attendees so you may use the images to promote future events, encourage more people to attend and thus make them more enjoy your workshop/seminar/conference.

In addition to event photography we offer portrait services at conferences, giving your attendees an extra value add for attending your event.
Gather Voices video testimonial service available for an additional cost per day. Gather Voices allows you to record 30 second testimonial videos with your logo and end website credits for use on your social media, and website for the year.

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