Volunteer work, Why you should support a community you love and Networking with Don Austin of DA Services

Michael and Don talk about the power of volunteering at organizations to help your business grow. As with networking, the people you get to know, like and trust can become some of your best clients. If you can volunteer to help an organization with ideals you believe in, you’ll find someone similar in ideals to you, helping them become an ideal client.

Don’s past career in banking allowed him to see how valuable security cameras and security camera placement can be to a business observing the going on’s under their roof. With the advent of smart home technology tied into these cameras, Don has taken on a set of skills to connect your smart home devices and make them ‘talk’ to each other.

Don has also been a volunteer with the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for 30 years. he started taking tickets and is now doing weekly dives in the Caribbean reef, the main attraction at the Shedd right when you enter. Don shares the numerous benefits he’s received from volunteering (best friends, a wonderful wife, business aquaintances) and why it’s not just a good idea to volunteer for your pocket book, but also for your mental well being!

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