Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate video production requires a different finesse than social media content. It relies more on the documentary and slightly narrative style of film making to help share the story of the company, the founders, some key board members and managers, as well the employees and the customer base.

Corporate video also has a wide range of internal uses, not just for marketing or other external uses. Yearly HR training and/or new policy roll outs, quarterly investor updates, internal product training video, sales training videos, product updates, manufacturing stories, best successes, best failures that led to better successes, new hires, 5, 10 and 20 year anniversary celebrations either of the company or employees in which that pertains to.

Video is a great way for some of the higher up managers that may not normally visit certain offices or branches but now CAN provide an update. Either with prerecorded video content or with today’s technology, well, lets be honest, you’re all probably on Zoom. You know how effective the video conferencing programs are. If you jump over to our zoom tab you can find some best tips on utilizing the platform!

Corporate video production is an ongoing conversation with employees and customers (clients). As long as the company is around, it has a story to share. The better you can share the story of your company, you’ll be able to find more emotionally connected customers AND employees!

One of the main lessons Head Brain and founder Michael learned through his time creating content as a retail futures broker, was each industry has a very specific set of advertising guidelines they must follow. Those same rules apply to creating content…. you know, advertising.

Lawyers to doctors to realtors to insurance brokers to financial professionals to health professionals to bowling alley owners…. wait… all have to abide by some type of different version of rules for communicating with potential clients. Most rules are fairly similar across the different fields.

The biggest similarity is to make no outlandish claims about either past successes or potential future successes. In general think of your marketing like you do a conversation at a networking event. If there’s a timely relevant topic that happens to correlate with your business or interest at the time, speak your knowledge.

Keep in mind that if someone is following you on social media they’re technically already sold on you. The only thing you need to do now is make your product or service so helpful to anyone that has a problem only YOU can help solve.

Bulb Brain’s sphere is Video, video production, editing, sound design, audio recording, photography, event photography, lighting, camera, composition, music, etc. There are a TON of how to videos Bulb Brain can do to show off their knowledge by helping solve other people’s specific problems(hey, great idea, where ARE your tutorials, mike?).

Bulb Brain offers convenient corporate video production service packages for all sizes of businesses with varying degrees of hands on. We can help you uncover your idea and write a 30 second script for you, help you uncover some talking points by understanding what you’re trying to communicate, or you can bring us a script and we can film it. We can also edit the footage you have over the past few years while adding a voice over to the footage, to creating monthly content sessions, where we spend a few hours recording some key people and that gives you marketing videos for the next few months. We also offer corporate podcast production, another great way for some key managers, board members and or employees can have a productive conversation about the company, to help create additional loyalty.

With the way everyone is currently situated and fairly comfortable with video calling, it’s the best time it’s ever been to get as many random managers or founders or key employees on a zoom call and get it recorded. How likely will they ever get together? Turn it into a podcast which can be turned into LinkedIn and Facebook and Youtube and Instagram content.

Consider other key conversations that might be interesting to record and try recording them! Zoom gives you the ability to give everyone their own separate audio track, and it gives you 1 big file after you’re done recording! This can easily be given to a video editor to edit down to a more fast paced piece.

It’s an add on to a marketing company that has a limited budget but still wants to utilize the high value impact of videos and podcasts in today’s, well… exclusive landscape.

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